Geelong HC Membership Forms

To play hockey with the Geelong Hockey Club, there are two important things that you must do…

  1. You must become a member of the Geelong Hockey Club; and
  2. You must register as an ‘outdoor’ player with Hockey Victoria.

This applies to both junior and senior players.

Geelong Hockey Club Membership

To play hockey with Geelong Hockey Club, you must become a member of the club. Club membership fees help pay for club expenses such as pitch hire, team entry fees, equipment purchases etc. Club membership also entitles you to vote on important matters regarding administration of the club.

2024 club fees are shown below.

Under 8
Under 10
Under 12
Under 14
Under 17
Under 12/14/17
(Goalie with
 own gear)
(Player under 18yo)
(FT Student)
(Goalkeeper with Own Gear)
(Full Member)
(5 Game Membership)

If you are interested in playing hockey with Geelong Hockey Club in 2024, then please complete our 2024 Winter Season Playing Intentions survey.

You may elect to pay your club fees alongside the Hockey Victoria Membership as an add-on, via the Geelong HC Storefront (Valid Hockey Victoria Login required) or, alternatively, the club will invoice you following your allocation to a team.

Hockey Victoria Player Registration

You cannot play a game of hockey unless you are registered with Hockey Victoria (HV). Player registration with Hockey Victoria is mandatory for all players! Importantly, HV registration provides insurance cover for you.  In 2024 HV is offering 5 game registration as an option.

2024 Hockey Victoria member registration fees are shown below.

  • Junior (Under 18) Full Season Playing Registration: $98.31
  • Junior (Under 18) 5 Game Playing Registration: $56.31
  • Senior Full Season Playing Registration: $127.31
  • Senior 5 Game Playing Registration: $69.81

Click on the link below to complete your Hockey Victoria registration.